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The Magon Quarter

An example of Carthaginian domestic architecture can be seen in the Magon Quarter, so-called because it was created at the time when the Magonids ruled Carthage.

It is a residential area built as of the 5th century B.C. onwards on top of the older landfills. The first dwellings were of modest proportions, of different layouts, and without a peristyle; they were built about thirty meters from the rampart, built at the same time along the shore. This district underwent a profound redevelopment from the beginning of the 2ndcentury B.C. onwards, which witnessed the appearance of large, magnificently decorated houses, built from the combination of older, smaller houses. The gateway to which several streets led disappeared and a new plot of land was reclaimed on which a large orthogonal quarter with several houses was built. In addition to the drinking water well that was used at that time, each house had several underground cisterns. Some of these houses had a surface area of more than 1,000 sq.m.,and could be as large as 1,500 sq.m.They likely accommodated extended families, which would explain the large number of cisterns. These large houses were richly decorated with stucco-covered columns and pilasters with stucco-covered capitals too. The walls were also covered with stucco and painted. The most important finds are certainly the Punic mosaics (pavimentapunica).

All the houses are accessible through a narrow corridor that leads to a courtyard surrounded by porticoes giving access to the service rooms and bedrooms. The streets were not paved, nor were they equipped with drains. Each house had an underground, vaultedsoakaway.


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