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Musée de Chemtou


This site museum was built within the framework of Tunis-German cooperation. Its design is very modern, its architecture simple, light and perfectly integrated into its environment and its museographical approach is equally modern. All the latest investigation techniques were used to question the site of Simitthu on which the museum stands and the answers are presented in such an interesting manner that a visit to the museum is truly an entertaining experience.

Going back 650 million years when Tunisia occupied the place on the planet of present day New York, with the continental drift, the present geological composition was formed that gave rise to the Chemtou marble and to all the ensuing history since the dawn of history in the extreme northwest of Tunisia.

What did the population feed on? In what proportions? And how did it compare with feeding habits on the coast at the same period? What was the people’s habitat, their economic activities, their means of communication (the Berber alphabet exists!)? What were their beliefs?

And the marble? Its extraction, its treatment, its transport, the place it occupied in Antiquity? All this and much more is explained in the circuit which, like a parchment, unfolds in the smoothest of manners.


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Winter timing:  09:30 - 15:00

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Ramadan timing:  09:30 - 15:00

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