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The archaeological site of Chimtou

The ancient city of Chimtou, which was scarcely referred to in the early Greek-Latin sources is today more and more known thanks to archaeological excavations. Current research has brought to light remains that date back to the 8th  century BC at the latest. Thus, contrary to what was believed, the foundation of the city was not imposed by the existence of the marble hills. Chimtou was built long before the mid 2nd century when the Numidic marble was first exploited.

From the Numidian period, we know of levels of housing, a sanctuary built during the reign of Micipsa between 148-118 BC on the top of the sacred hill, and an important necropolis composed of "bazinas" and quadrangular tombs. All these discoveries have provided valuable information on the Numidian era and the integration of Numidia into the Mediterranean world.

The city was raised to the status of a Roman colony between the years 27 BC and 14 AD under the official name of Colonia Iulia Augusta Numidica Simitthus. Remains discovered there include thermal baths, an aqueduct 14 km long, a forum, a nymphaeum, a set of large cisterns, a Roman bridge,   erected in 112 AD,  during the reign of Trajan, an amphitheater, an anonymous temple, a temple mount on which were discovered remains of a  shrine dedicated to the God Saturn, rock reliefs, a sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Tanit-Caelestis and another to the Moorish gods, a water turbine grain mill, a market, Christian basilicas, a military prison camp with a total area of about 20.000 sq.m, composed of a prison for slaves and for those sentenced to hard labor, a garrison for the military and premises for the imperial administration of the marble quarries and the baths. It also contained workshops where a series of marble objects were made...


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